Business Plan

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Business Plan


Welcome to *Next Aim Multi services India pvt Ltd * powered by *NextAim Multi Services India (OPC) Private Limited.* We are happy to join you as our business partner and we help you to become a successful entrepreneur. You can achieve your goal and complete your dream by using your skill and hard work smart work and efforts here.

*Next Aim Multi services India pvt Ltd * is unique business opportunity on this planet. We designed this system as per Indian market and people need. As per our 20 years of market experience, we know that most of our Indian struggler can't switch or move towards new income source only because lack of margin money. We badly know this situation when someone wants to start his new business or startup, he need margin money to survive for first 2..3 month or 6 months, because it's not assured in any business that we get enough income in starting days. Everyone have to wait for some period to earn constant and satisfied income. So the biggest stone in the flow is margin money.


The wait is over.. get relax and start your journey towards success again. *Next Aim Multi services India pvt Ltd * will solve your major margin money problem. We help you by giving some fund on credit as per your skill and need with no interest rate. Now you can work tension free don't worry about your starting days margin money need. Also you can repayment your borrowed margin money or fund in easy monthly installments.

*STEP 1*
Register yourself with Next Aim Multi services India pvt Ltd .

*STEP 2*
Purchase any joining package/Holiday package as per your need of worth Rupees 6,000/- or 11000/-

*STEP 3*
You will be able to borrow interest free fund as per your joining package.
# Joining package 6000/- - you can borrow fund upto 45000/-
# Joining package 11,000/- - you can borrow fund upto 90000/-

*STEP 4*
you are now our authorised business partner, so start to sale our packages using your skill and effort. You will get borrowed fund as per package you sold directly. The fund is known as *Direct Borrowed Fund* # For every direct sale of 6000 package you will get 4500 direct borrowed fund # For every direct sale of 11000 package you will get 9000 direct borrowed fund.

*STEP 5*
*Repayment Of Direct Borrowed Fund*
You have to repay your direct borrowed fund by easy monthly installment (EMI). The amount of EMI will be as per your joining package.
# For joining package of 6000 your EMI will be 1500 per month.
# For joining package of 11000 your EMI will be 3000 per month.

NOTE:- EMI Bounce charges will be applicable as follows. .
#300 charge will be applicable on bounce of EMI 1500/-
# 600 charge will be applicable on Bounce of EMI 3000/-

*Income Structure*
As per STEP4 you are our autorised business partner so you have to recover given borrowed fund from your team and you will get paid for the same. The income you will earn is known as *Recovery Commission*

You will earn recovery commission from your team up to 7 level on every paid installment by your team.

#Level 1 .....10℅
#Level 2 ..... 05℅
#Level 3 ..... 02℅
#Level 4 ..... 01℅
#Level 5 ..... 0.5℅
#Level 6 ..... 0.25℅
#Level 7 ......0.25℅

(NOTE:- 5℅ TDS & 5℅ Admin Charge Will Be Applicable)